Snap Judgment-Tomb raider

Hey everybody. I have been absent for a couple of weeks, sorry about that. but we’re back and ready to go. I played Tomb raider about a week ago, so I think that’s the best place to start.

First thing, I played NO multiplayer what-so-ever, so no opinions on that except I don’t think it should be in the game. Not everything that gets put out today needs to appeal to the online audience. As I said this is my view but I have a feeling there are a lot of people out there that would rather have a deeper single player experience than a tacked on multiplayer mode.

But anyway, rant ended. On to the game. As was expected the game looks awesome. You start off on a boat looking for treasure, young Lara arguing with another archeologist. There’s a big storm and you get stranded on an island, kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Now, even though this was a reboot I expected a more generic Tomb Raider experience. I am not intimately familiar with the series, but have played a few here and there. That being said I was very surprised, and in a good way. There are survival elements, though the hunting is more or less useless. You can find salvage to upgrade your gear, though in my limited time with the game it kind of felt like they might give out too much early. I don’t know exactly how that will affect the end game, but I know you can make the bow pretty beastly in a hurry.

The character advancement felt tacked on to me, but not oppressively so. You could probably ignore it if you felt like it, but I thought that it was a missed opportunity to add depth to the game.

After you get through the quick-time laden trip through the beginning and get to the more open levels the game really shines for me. Lara can use her bow to hunt, fight enemies, and choke out people. Score! You start out with wolves mostly, but soon you are dealing with people. I also liked that after I got a gun, I still found myself going back to the bow. It may just be me, but guns in games are everywhere and using something else was nice. The fact that it was also still relevent was even better.

The levels were nicely done, with salvage and “diary” tapes hidden all over for you to find. There were puzzles in the levels I got to, but they weren’t “in the way” like in a lot of other games I have played. More like you got extra experience for doing some of them, or you skipped a combat sequence. I thought that they were done well.

The combat is good. I didn’t find much of it to be ground-breaking but I have played a LOT of games that got it worse. It was engaging and fun with options to do things a little differently. As I said before I shunned pretty much everything else in favor of the bow, which I had a lot of fun with. Not everybodys cup of tea, but what can you do.

One part of the game I absolutely HATED were all the quick time events. They were admittedly not as bad as some other games, but I found myself just letting wolves kill me if they got a hold of me just because it was a chore to deal with the damn button mashing. I can see it in making some of the game more intense, but would rather them just say “hit the X button to dodge big ass boulders that come at you.” This game did do much better than some of the other releases lately “I’m lookin’ at you RE6” so I’m not as irritated as I could be.

So, as for my rating. I had a lot of fun with this game and could see myself playing it multiple times. I don’t know if it would hit that magical 1 dollar per game play hour mark, but I would still pay $50 for it. So there you have it. I apologize again for my absence, see you later.


If you want to read a little more about it here are some other ratings

IGN                            9.1/10

Rev3 Tara long      3/5

Gamespot                 8.5/10


Flash fiction 2-28-13

Here we go with the first ever short story I have ever written.

Sub genre: Time traveling romance

Setting: shopping mall

Element to include: familial warring


The scene just kept repeating itself.

They were at the local shopping mall, a small thing, but it had what Jared was here for. Four jewelry shops.

He was going to get married. His fiance, Korine, was picking out her ring; some gaudy thing that cost sixteen thousand dollars. But Jared didn’t care, Korine was worth it.

Korine. His Korine!

She had the ring up in front of her face, taking a closer look, when it happened. There was a crash, then there was blood. Blood splashed from the front of her head, glass crashed, there were screams.

The blood went everywhere. The ring was soaked. The jeweler, a greedy looking woman with“I’m gonna make A LOT of money” written on her face, was sprayed. She still held that face for a moment before the shock caught up to her. She screamed, a scream from a horror movie.

Korine fell to the floor, dead.

His Korine! She was gone!

“No,” Jared whispered. He looked toward the door. Two men were standing there, both dressed in something straight out of a video game. Their suits (suits?) looked like they were made of black rubber muscles. Shining metal plates covering the joints and certain, critical locations. One of them , trimmed in green and gold ,was facing the store holding a gun that looked like a cross between an old school revolver and the phaser from Star Trek.

The other ,with his back to Jared, was trimmed in black and purple. A red stain started to trickle slowly down his back.

Jared saw a flash and felt something whiz by his ear. No sound. A wet spray hit the back of his neck, but He was too frightened to turn and confirm what it was.

Another flash, and a second trail of blood started down the back of the man in black and purple. He fell slowly, first to his knees, and then his face.

Sounds of war flooded through the broken glass. Footsteps sounded, boots on the stone floor multiplied by the domed ceiling of the mall. There was hundreds of strange sounds, somewhere between lazer beams and silenced pistols.

The man in green and gold looked up quickly, then he was gone.

Just gone. One second Jared was looking at him and then…nothing.

Soon after two soldiers, Jared assumed they were soldiers, came through the broken glass. They were dressed in some type of slimmed down riot gear, one male and one female.

The man swung, fired a few of those silent laser-bullet from a goofy looking rifle, then grabbed the dead guy and pulled him further into the store.

The woman grabbed Jared and pulled him to the floor. Jared fell hard, inches from his dead Korine. The sight pulled him in and he couldn’t look away. The glass cases shattered and Jared was showered with glass shards and displaced jewelery.

“Are you alright?” the woman shouted at him over the chaos. Jared hardly heard her, his focus was on his dead Korine.

She’s gone. He nearly fell into tears.

He was yanked, pulled around to the back of the counter. A sudden and sharp pain seared the side of his face.

“Are you alright?” The woman repeated, shaking him slightly.

He snapped his gaze up to her, “My face hurts.”

“That’s because I slapped you. What’s your name?”


“It could only be,” she smirked. “I’m…”

“Aery!” the man shouted from behind the other counter, across from Jareds and Aerys current hiding spot. “He’s gone, Dad’s dead.”

“Shit,” her eyes clouded up, but she cleared them with a rub of her hand, “we need…we need to grab his jumper.”

“What’s a jumper?”

“Time travel device,” she said absently, “we need to get him back to Mom.”

The man grabbed a box off the dead mans belt about the size of a deck of cards, it had one button on it.

“Time travel…” Jared mumbled. Time Travel! He could get his Korine back. He could save his Korine!

There was only one button. It had to be easy to use.


The man tossed the box to Aery, and Jared pounced.

He came up with the box. “My Korine, I’m coming for you,” he shouted, triumph in his voice. Then he hit the button, unable to bear the seperation any longer.

“No!” the man shouted.

“You’re not groun…” Aery screamed.

Then he was back. She was there. She was alive.

His Korine was alive!

He went to save her. To push her out of the way.

And he couldn’t move.

What? No! Please, NO!

Then his Korines head jerked forward, blood flooding out.The ring was coated. The life left her eyes…again.

Then he was back. She was there. Looking at the ring. Hope blossomed in Jared’s chest.

Her head burst forward. The blood. The screaming.

Then he was back. She was there, and it dawned on him. Terror replacing the hope.

The scene just kept repeating itself.



Snap Judgment-Crysis 3

Hello again and we are back to snap judgement. I take a game, play it for a weekend and write a review based on what I got through.

This week my gamefly shipment came a little late and I only had one day to review, and this weeks game is Crysis 3. Before we begin I should say that I haven’t ever played the other Crysis games so I was going in fresh to the series. There were some things that I had to kind of put together as I went, but they weren’t pervasive and I didn’t get frustrated about the references, though I am sure that the experience would have been more complete with that knowledge.

The first thing about this game is the visuals, and they are really well done. The intro trailer showcased some great graphics, although really it was just dark tones and some blue, a few splashes of red. You play the first section of the game on a ship, you have been rescued by one of your old buddies and needed to escape. Everything was pretty, but from what I understand if it wasn’t it would have been a shocker. Outside of that though I was impressed. You are dropped into a sort of jungled out version of New York city, and it is gorgeous. Definitely nothing to complain about here.

The story had a fairly interesting hook, and I am still intrigued about what happens later, though I am going to have to wait for that information. There is a bit of comedy mixed in, but you kind of need to enjoy the type to get it. The first couple of hours did interest me, so eventually I will likely but the game.

The gameplay was smooth and crisp, what I would expect from such a big name and obvious budget. I don’t know how the first two played, but this one is pretty good. I was not expecting this to be a stealth shooter, which is what I continually fell into. Maybe I didn’t get into it enough. This isn’t a bad thing, as it is done very well, and I do love that type of game once in the while.

I did try out the online modes, and here I think maybe the stealth is overdone a bit. You can go into and out of stealth nearly anytime you want to, and the cooldown is negligible. This led to a lot of time trying to figure out if I was supposed to use the clunky visor, which works very well against the AI in single player. This is not a big deal as I am unfamiliar with the online shooters typical formats, never really having gotten into COD or Battlefield in any real capacity.

So now for the ratings. The game is beautiful, the controls and gameplay are solid, and the story is engaging if not amazing. I am not huge into the online modes, so that is definitely not selling this game to me. For an offline experience with potential, I would probably pay $40 for this game.

For people looking for more reviews, here are the rating from three other places.

on digital trends;             6.5 out of ten

on IGN:                                8.5 out of ten

Rev3 sellers review:       3 out of five

Snap Judgement-Aliens Colonial Marines

Hey everybody. Sorry I’m late, that flu sucks, but here we are. Gamefly came through and Aliens: Colonial Marines. I had pretty high hopes for this game, now let’s see what I found.

First off, this is a Gearbox game. In case anybody wonders that’s Borderlands. That’s also what I was hoping for, Borderlands in space. At first glance I had hope. The controls were virtually identical. But alas it was not to be.

What I got was half a game. The aliens were kind of fun to deal with. They were quick, often quicker than my crosshairs, making me curse a few times. But after shooting some facehumpers out of mid-air I got over it.

The MASSIVE issue I had with the game was the human npcs you had to fight. They were horrible. I actually think that the Psychos in borderlands one had better AI. It made the spans between harrowing alien fights incredibly annoying.

I didn’t get into the multiplayer. I don’t buy a game for it, so I won’t go into it for my snap judgements, but as for every other review I’ve read it is THE shining part of the game.

So, as for my price tag. I was really hoping for a $60 game. I didn’t get it. If I were to tell you to buy it, which I’m not, I would wait for it to hit AT MOST $20. I did have some fun with the game, so it wasn’t a total loss, but it definitely wasn’t a win.

If you want some more reviews here are some ratings.

Rev3 Sesslers something: 2/5

IGN:      4.5/10

USA Today 2.5/4

Snap judgment-dmc hd

Ok ok, I know. Devil May Cry HD has been out for a while. I feel compelled to bring it here though. It is down to twenty bucks and that money is gone.

I have been a big DMC fan since day one, and with the exception of this last one have gotten all of them on launch day. This HD collection is a big dose of nostalgia shoved onto a blue ray disc and delivered to my doorstep.

Now, for those gamers that have been living under a rock for the last decade, Devil May Cry is a hack and slash game that utilizes guns as well as the swords, gauntlets, and sword/scythe hybrids in the rest of the game. It really changed the way these types of games were looked at. Dante is this kind of rock star rebel with silver hair and a red trench coat that talks a lot of trash and fights with a high intensity very mobile fighting style.

I played the first missions in each game, and found pretty much what I had expected. They had taken my favorite games and made them prettier, though I was a little irritated that the menus didn’t fit the screen like the rest of the game did. Not a big deal, but grrr.

So I feel this is worth 20 bucks, so go buy it. If you have never played it before it is a lot of fun, and if you have I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.


Now, a little news. As you may know, in the last three weeks of doing this I haven’t had anything new, it’s been demos or remakes or old games. I have four redboxs on my way home from work and none of them have had anything new since I started. Hopefully I can fix this. I have started a gamefly account and should be(pray) getting Aliens this week to do a review.  Till next time.

snap judgment-disgaea 4

Hey people, here we are again. I know it’s Monday, but yesterday was the superbowl and, well that’s all I think needs to be said.

This week I actually bought a game. Disgaea 4 dropped to $20 bucks and I had to buy it. I have been a fan of the series since the first one, but 3 kind of bothered me.

I came to this game with high hopes, and I have refused to read any of the reviews so that I knew very little of the game when I started playing. 

So, onward. You begin play as Valvetorez, a vampire, Ex-tyrant, prinny trainer with a sardine addiction. Yeah, I know, but this is disgaea so it’s not really a surprise. He was stuck in Hades after apparently promising someone that he would no longer drink human blood.

The combat is pretty basic for anyone that has played the first three games, so the tutorials are skippable. You still have all the goofy throw mechanics and the geopanels, team attacks and so on. The one thing different is that now everything is actually in HD so the game looks much crisper then it’s predecessors.

Between bouts you have the typical shops, the nurse, the item world, and a return of the stupid “evility” tutor again. They did change from the “class” of three to a world map domination thing. I haven’t gotten to try it out too much yet, but apparently when you conquer areas you get them on the map, which allows you to create more character and make them your deputies. It could be cool, I hope so.

So, based on my limited time playing the game I definitely think it will be worth $20, but from prior knowledge I would imagine I will get quite a bit more enjoyment toward the endgame. So go out and pick this up if you enjoy strategy RPGs, and if you don’t you still might get a few laughs as a rental.

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon.

Snap Judgment

Hello everybody and welcome to Snap Judgement. This is where I grab a game, play it the weekend and rate it based on how much I liked it over the two days.

This week I played the demo for “The Cave.” This game is a new one from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine.  I only played the demo, which anyone can try out, and those that have know that it is quite short. I would have bought it, but I didn’t, but I’m going to and I’ll get to that later.

First thing you notice is that art. The game is a 2D platformer puzzle game, but the section that you play in the demo is very well done. The background is interesting and does a good job setting the mood the game wants, dark and goofy.

You get to take three characters out of seven with you at the beginning of the game. The characters are The Knight, The Hillbilly, The Time Traveler, The Scientist, The Adventurer, The Twins, and The Monk. All of them have a story, told to you by the narrator, which is none other than the Cave you are going to explore. Each has a special ability that they can use at different parts of the game, such as the Time Travelers teleport, which jumps you slightly in the direction you are facing, passing by some obstacles.

The first thing you do is grab a crowbar and pry off some boards, gaining access to the first part of The Cave. You run and jump through the initial couple of screens and come to a platform that, as The Cave informs you, is only rated for three people. At this point you choose the rest of your “Party” and break the platform.

Moving forward you come to The Cave gift shop, where the clerk is having a bad day and sends you to get three things for the shop. You grab the key he gives you and move to the first, and only, puzzle in the demo, bypassing a fire-breathing monster. It’s animations are funny, and the visuals are very well done. I won’t go through the step by step, but it’s a quick little taste of what’s to come.

Along the way you find little glowing glyphs on the walls which reveal a picture concerning your different classes, presumably about their backstories, but I didn’t get into the actual game enough to see more than one for each character. It will, I think, add some depth to your otherwise mostly silent people.

The first time I played the demo it took about half an hour, the second time was considerably faster, but it did leave an impression. I will most likely buy this game next payday.

As for my rating. The game sells for $14.99 on the PSN, Xbox Live, the Wii U, and Steam, and I would gladly pay it. My Snap Judgement would have put the game at $20 pretty easily.

So, here it is. My first Snap Judgment. I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you found it useful. Until next time.