Snap Judgment

Hello everybody and welcome to Snap Judgement. This is where I grab a game, play it the weekend and rate it based on how much I liked it over the two days.

This week I played the demo for “The Cave.” This game is a new one from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine.  I only played the demo, which anyone can try out, and those that have know that it is quite short. I would have bought it, but I didn’t, but I’m going to and I’ll get to that later.

First thing you notice is that art. The game is a 2D platformer puzzle game, but the section that you play in the demo is very well done. The background is interesting and does a good job setting the mood the game wants, dark and goofy.

You get to take three characters out of seven with you at the beginning of the game. The characters are The Knight, The Hillbilly, The Time Traveler, The Scientist, The Adventurer, The Twins, and The Monk. All of them have a story, told to you by the narrator, which is none other than the Cave you are going to explore. Each has a special ability that they can use at different parts of the game, such as the Time Travelers teleport, which jumps you slightly in the direction you are facing, passing by some obstacles.

The first thing you do is grab a crowbar and pry off some boards, gaining access to the first part of The Cave. You run and jump through the initial couple of screens and come to a platform that, as The Cave informs you, is only rated for three people. At this point you choose the rest of your “Party” and break the platform.

Moving forward you come to The Cave gift shop, where the clerk is having a bad day and sends you to get three things for the shop. You grab the key he gives you and move to the first, and only, puzzle in the demo, bypassing a fire-breathing monster. It’s animations are funny, and the visuals are very well done. I won’t go through the step by step, but it’s a quick little taste of what’s to come.

Along the way you find little glowing glyphs on the walls which reveal a picture concerning your different classes, presumably about their backstories, but I didn’t get into the actual game enough to see more than one for each character. It will, I think, add some depth to your otherwise mostly silent people.

The first time I played the demo it took about half an hour, the second time was considerably faster, but it did leave an impression. I will most likely buy this game next payday.

As for my rating. The game sells for $14.99 on the PSN, Xbox Live, the Wii U, and Steam, and I would gladly pay it. My Snap Judgement would have put the game at $20 pretty easily.

So, here it is. My first Snap Judgment. I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you found it useful. Until next time.