snap judgment-disgaea 4

Hey people, here we are again. I know it’s Monday, but yesterday was the superbowl and, well that’s all I think needs to be said.

This week I actually bought a game. Disgaea 4 dropped to $20 bucks and I had to buy it. I have been a fan of the series since the first one, but 3 kind of bothered me.

I came to this game with high hopes, and I have refused to read any of the reviews so that I knew very little of the game when I started playing. 

So, onward. You begin play as Valvetorez, a vampire, Ex-tyrant, prinny trainer with a sardine addiction. Yeah, I know, but this is disgaea so it’s not really a surprise. He was stuck in Hades after apparently promising someone that he would no longer drink human blood.

The combat is pretty basic for anyone that has played the first three games, so the tutorials are skippable. You still have all the goofy throw mechanics and the geopanels, team attacks and so on. The one thing different is that now everything is actually in HD so the game looks much crisper then it’s predecessors.

Between bouts you have the typical shops, the nurse, the item world, and a return of the stupid “evility” tutor again. They did change from the “class” of three to a world map domination thing. I haven’t gotten to try it out too much yet, but apparently when you conquer areas you get them on the map, which allows you to create more character and make them your deputies. It could be cool, I hope so.

So, based on my limited time playing the game I definitely think it will be worth $20, but from prior knowledge I would imagine I will get quite a bit more enjoyment toward the endgame. So go out and pick this up if you enjoy strategy RPGs, and if you don’t you still might get a few laughs as a rental.

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon.


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