Snap judgment-dmc hd

Ok ok, I know. Devil May Cry HD has been out for a while. I feel compelled to bring it here though. It is down to twenty bucks and that money is gone.

I have been a big DMC fan since day one, and with the exception of this last one have gotten all of them on launch day. This HD collection is a big dose of nostalgia shoved onto a blue ray disc and delivered to my doorstep.

Now, for those gamers that have been living under a rock for the last decade, Devil May Cry is a hack and slash game that utilizes guns as well as the swords, gauntlets, and sword/scythe hybrids in the rest of the game. It really changed the way these types of games were looked at. Dante is this kind of rock star rebel with silver hair and a red trench coat that talks a lot of trash and fights with a high intensity very mobile fighting style.

I played the first missions in each game, and found pretty much what I had expected. They had taken my favorite games and made them prettier, though I was a little irritated that the menus didn’t fit the screen like the rest of the game did. Not a big deal, but grrr.

So I feel this is worth 20 bucks, so go buy it. If you have never played it before it is a lot of fun, and if you have I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.


Now, a little news. As you may know, in the last three weeks of doing this I haven’t had anything new, it’s been demos or remakes or old games. I have four redboxs on my way home from work and none of them have had anything new since I started. Hopefully I can fix this. I have started a gamefly account and should be(pray) getting Aliens this week to do a review.  Till next time.


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