Snap Judgement-Aliens Colonial Marines

Hey everybody. Sorry I’m late, that flu sucks, but here we are. Gamefly came through and Aliens: Colonial Marines. I had pretty high hopes for this game, now let’s see what I found.

First off, this is a Gearbox game. In case anybody wonders that’s Borderlands. That’s also what I was hoping for, Borderlands in space. At first glance I had hope. The controls were virtually identical. But alas it was not to be.

What I got was half a game. The aliens were kind of fun to deal with. They were quick, often quicker than my crosshairs, making me curse a few times. But after shooting some facehumpers out of mid-air I got over it.

The MASSIVE issue I had with the game was the human npcs you had to fight. They were horrible. I actually think that the Psychos in borderlands one had better AI. It made the spans between harrowing alien fights incredibly annoying.

I didn’t get into the multiplayer. I don’t buy a game for it, so I won’t go into it for my snap judgements, but as for every other review I’ve read it is THE shining part of the game.

So, as for my price tag. I was really hoping for a $60 game. I didn’t get it. If I were to tell you to buy it, which I’m not, I would wait for it to hit AT MOST $20. I did have some fun with the game, so it wasn’t a total loss, but it definitely wasn’t a win.

If you want some more reviews here are some ratings.

Rev3 Sesslers something: 2/5

IGN:      4.5/10

USA Today 2.5/4


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