Snap Judgment-Crysis 3

Hello again and we are back to snap judgement. I take a game, play it for a weekend and write a review based on what I got through.

This week my gamefly shipment came a little late and I only had one day to review, and this weeks game is Crysis 3. Before we begin I should say that I haven’t ever played the other Crysis games so I was going in fresh to the series. There were some things that I had to kind of put together as I went, but they weren’t pervasive and I didn’t get frustrated about the references, though I am sure that the experience would have been more complete with that knowledge.

The first thing about this game is the visuals, and they are really well done. The intro trailer showcased some great graphics, although really it was just dark tones and some blue, a few splashes of red. You play the first section of the game on a ship, you have been rescued by one of your old buddies and needed to escape. Everything was pretty, but from what I understand if it wasn’t it would have been a shocker. Outside of that though I was impressed. You are dropped into a sort of jungled out version of New York city, and it is gorgeous. Definitely nothing to complain about here.

The story had a fairly interesting hook, and I am still intrigued about what happens later, though I am going to have to wait for that information. There is a bit of comedy mixed in, but you kind of need to enjoy the type to get it. The first couple of hours did interest me, so eventually I will likely but the game.

The gameplay was smooth and crisp, what I would expect from such a big name and obvious budget. I don’t know how the first two played, but this one is pretty good. I was not expecting this to be a stealth shooter, which is what I continually fell into. Maybe I didn’t get into it enough. This isn’t a bad thing, as it is done very well, and I do love that type of game once in the while.

I did try out the online modes, and here I think maybe the stealth is overdone a bit. You can go into and out of stealth nearly anytime you want to, and the cooldown is negligible. This led to a lot of time trying to figure out if I was supposed to use the clunky visor, which works very well against the AI in single player. This is not a big deal as I am unfamiliar with the online shooters typical formats, never really having gotten into COD or Battlefield in any real capacity.

So now for the ratings. The game is beautiful, the controls and gameplay are solid, and the story is engaging if not amazing. I am not huge into the online modes, so that is definitely not selling this game to me. For an offline experience with potential, I would probably pay $40 for this game.

For people looking for more reviews, here are the rating from three other places.

on digital trends;             6.5 out of ten

on IGN:                                8.5 out of ten

Rev3 sellers review:       3 out of five


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