Flash fiction 2-28-13

Here we go with the first ever short story I have ever written.

Sub genre: Time traveling romance

Setting: shopping mall

Element to include: familial warring


The scene just kept repeating itself.

They were at the local shopping mall, a small thing, but it had what Jared was here for. Four jewelry shops.

He was going to get married. His fiance, Korine, was picking out her ring; some gaudy thing that cost sixteen thousand dollars. But Jared didn’t care, Korine was worth it.

Korine. His Korine!

She had the ring up in front of her face, taking a closer look, when it happened. There was a crash, then there was blood. Blood splashed from the front of her head, glass crashed, there were screams.

The blood went everywhere. The ring was soaked. The jeweler, a greedy looking woman with“I’m gonna make A LOT of money” written on her face, was sprayed. She still held that face for a moment before the shock caught up to her. She screamed, a scream from a horror movie.

Korine fell to the floor, dead.

His Korine! She was gone!

“No,” Jared whispered. He looked toward the door. Two men were standing there, both dressed in something straight out of a video game. Their suits (suits?) looked like they were made of black rubber muscles. Shining metal plates covering the joints and certain, critical locations. One of them , trimmed in green and gold ,was facing the store holding a gun that looked like a cross between an old school revolver and the phaser from Star Trek.

The other ,with his back to Jared, was trimmed in black and purple. A red stain started to trickle slowly down his back.

Jared saw a flash and felt something whiz by his ear. No sound. A wet spray hit the back of his neck, but He was too frightened to turn and confirm what it was.

Another flash, and a second trail of blood started down the back of the man in black and purple. He fell slowly, first to his knees, and then his face.

Sounds of war flooded through the broken glass. Footsteps sounded, boots on the stone floor multiplied by the domed ceiling of the mall. There was hundreds of strange sounds, somewhere between lazer beams and silenced pistols.

The man in green and gold looked up quickly, then he was gone.

Just gone. One second Jared was looking at him and then…nothing.

Soon after two soldiers, Jared assumed they were soldiers, came through the broken glass. They were dressed in some type of slimmed down riot gear, one male and one female.

The man swung, fired a few of those silent laser-bullet from a goofy looking rifle, then grabbed the dead guy and pulled him further into the store.

The woman grabbed Jared and pulled him to the floor. Jared fell hard, inches from his dead Korine. The sight pulled him in and he couldn’t look away. The glass cases shattered and Jared was showered with glass shards and displaced jewelery.

“Are you alright?” the woman shouted at him over the chaos. Jared hardly heard her, his focus was on his dead Korine.

She’s gone. He nearly fell into tears.

He was yanked, pulled around to the back of the counter. A sudden and sharp pain seared the side of his face.

“Are you alright?” The woman repeated, shaking him slightly.

He snapped his gaze up to her, “My face hurts.”

“That’s because I slapped you. What’s your name?”


“It could only be,” she smirked. “I’m…”

“Aery!” the man shouted from behind the other counter, across from Jareds and Aerys current hiding spot. “He’s gone, Dad’s dead.”

“Shit,” her eyes clouded up, but she cleared them with a rub of her hand, “we need…we need to grab his jumper.”

“What’s a jumper?”

“Time travel device,” she said absently, “we need to get him back to Mom.”

The man grabbed a box off the dead mans belt about the size of a deck of cards, it had one button on it.

“Time travel…” Jared mumbled. Time Travel! He could get his Korine back. He could save his Korine!

There was only one button. It had to be easy to use.


The man tossed the box to Aery, and Jared pounced.

He came up with the box. “My Korine, I’m coming for you,” he shouted, triumph in his voice. Then he hit the button, unable to bear the seperation any longer.

“No!” the man shouted.

“You’re not groun…” Aery screamed.

Then he was back. She was there. She was alive.

His Korine was alive!

He went to save her. To push her out of the way.

And he couldn’t move.

What? No! Please, NO!

Then his Korines head jerked forward, blood flooding out.The ring was coated. The life left her eyes…again.

Then he was back. She was there. Looking at the ring. Hope blossomed in Jared’s chest.

Her head burst forward. The blood. The screaming.

Then he was back. She was there, and it dawned on him. Terror replacing the hope.

The scene just kept repeating itself.




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