Snap Judgment-Tomb raider

Hey everybody. I have been absent for a couple of weeks, sorry about that. but we’re back and ready to go. I played Tomb raider about a week ago, so I think that’s the best place to start.

First thing, I played NO multiplayer what-so-ever, so no opinions on that except I don’t think it should be in the game. Not everything that gets put out today needs to appeal to the online audience. As I said this is my view but I have a feeling there are a lot of people out there that would rather have a deeper single player experience than a tacked on multiplayer mode.

But anyway, rant ended. On to the game. As was expected the game looks awesome. You start off on a boat looking for treasure, young Lara arguing with another archeologist. There’s a big storm and you get stranded on an island, kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Now, even though this was a reboot I expected a more generic Tomb Raider experience. I am not intimately familiar with the series, but have played a few here and there. That being said I was very surprised, and in a good way. There are survival elements, though the hunting is more or less useless. You can find salvage to upgrade your gear, though in my limited time with the game it kind of felt like they might give out too much early. I don’t know exactly how that will affect the end game, but I know you can make the bow pretty beastly in a hurry.

The character advancement felt tacked on to me, but not oppressively so. You could probably ignore it if you felt like it, but I thought that it was a missed opportunity to add depth to the game.

After you get through the quick-time laden trip through the beginning and get to the more open levels the game really shines for me. Lara can use her bow to hunt, fight enemies, and choke out people. Score! You start out with wolves mostly, but soon you are dealing with people. I also liked that after I got a gun, I still found myself going back to the bow. It may just be me, but guns in games are everywhere and using something else was nice. The fact that it was also still relevent was even better.

The levels were nicely done, with salvage and “diary” tapes hidden all over for you to find. There were puzzles in the levels I got to, but they weren’t “in the way” like in a lot of other games I have played. More like you got extra experience for doing some of them, or you skipped a combat sequence. I thought that they were done well.

The combat is good. I didn’t find much of it to be ground-breaking but I have played a LOT of games that got it worse. It was engaging and fun with options to do things a little differently. As I said before I shunned pretty much everything else in favor of the bow, which I had a lot of fun with. Not everybodys cup of tea, but what can you do.

One part of the game I absolutely HATED were all the quick time events. They were admittedly not as bad as some other games, but I found myself just letting wolves kill me if they got a hold of me just because it was a chore to deal with the damn button mashing. I can see it in making some of the game more intense, but would rather them just say “hit the X button to dodge big ass boulders that come at you.” This game did do much better than some of the other releases lately “I’m lookin’ at you RE6” so I’m not as irritated as I could be.

So, as for my rating. I had a lot of fun with this game and could see myself playing it multiple times. I don’t know if it would hit that magical 1 dollar per game play hour mark, but I would still pay $50 for it. So there you have it. I apologize again for my absence, see you later.


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